Eco-friendly party supplies for all your green celebration requirements.


Beautiful bunting flags and garlands to liven up your celebration. Made with natural textiles. All KIND decorations are re-useable and biodegradeable once they reach the end of their festive lives.

serving solutions

Tableware and cutlery made from sustainable renewable materials. Hand-made decorations to add that something extra to your celebration.

gift bags and boxes

Send your guests home with a beautiful gift bag or box to remember your special celebration by. Recyclable paper bags and boxes, locally produced to lessen environmental impact.

How to place your order:

  • To place your order please use the contact form on the contact us page or e-mail the item code/s from our catalogue, plus your delivery address to 
  • We will respond with a quotation for your order including delivery fee. 
  • Once we receive your proof of payment, your KIND order will be processed and on its way to you in time for your KIND sustainable celebration.
  • Please bear in mind that limited stock is kept to avoid waste and customisation takes time. Place your order well in advance of your celebration. 

KIND ideas for your celebration

So you have chosen eco-friendly party supplies, but what else can you do to make sure your next celebration is green? Fresh flowers and fruit make for excellent environmentally friendly table decorations. Have you considered using petals or small tree seeds as confetti? Small plastics like glitter and confetti are really hard to recycle and will with out a doubt end up in rivers and eventually the ocean where they cause major environmental damage. 


Limit the amount of printing or make sure that soy based inks are used as these are more environmentally friendly.  Did you know that paper with glitter complicates the recycling process? 

Ask your guests to consider the environment when choosing a gift. A great idea is to invite guests to donate towards a charity of your choice as a gift. Please visit our “give kindly” page for some ideas to donate towards a worthy charity. 

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