At KIND we believe in the importance and joy of celebrations. We also care deeply for our planet and believe there is a kinder alternative to bags full of post-party garbage, most likely to end up in the ocean. Our mission is to help you find eco-friendly party supplies to host your next environmentally friendly celebration, without compromising on style, of course. 

KIND offers beautiful hand-made natural and biodegradable decorations, tableware from renewable material, bamboo and metal straw alternatives and recyclable gift bags and boxes, all of which are kind to the environment. Enjoy the look around and we look forward to hear from you and help you host your next green celebration. 

who are KIND?

About us

The KIND team is a caring little family who loves to celebrate the special (and even the ordinary) moments in life with special people, good food and scenic surroundings. We also care deeply for the environment and were moved to action by the devastating reality of the impact of our existence on planet Earth. The truth is that people’s irresponsible use of materials over the past few decades caused tremendous damage to ecosystems around the world and we are only just beginning to see the impact of our ways.

The problem with plastic 

Single-use plastics, like straws, balloons and packaging, not only pollute beautiful beaches but also kill marine animals and destroy ecosystems. More than 8 million metric tonnes of plastic end up in the ocean every year – a garbage truck full, every single minute. There are five massive islands of floating plastic waste in the world’s oceans. The largest is three times the size of France. Shockingly these are not even the worst of our problems. Microplastics, bits of plastic that are smaller than 5 mm in diameter, are an even bigger problem. These small pieces of degraded plastic can easily enter the food chain when marine animals consume them. The effect is far-reaching and yet to be fully understood.

Everything from your nylon gym pants to your plastic water bottle and the bag in which you steam your dinner is most likely to find its way to the ocean as a whole or as visible or microscopic parts, waiting to become a serious health hazard for every living creature on this planet.

 The reality is shocking, and once one is aware of the truth one has to change one’s ways!  

Choosing eco-friendly party supplies.

Cheap plastic products is one of humankind’s most expensive mistakesWe believe that when choosing products to use in your life, you should choose items that are responsibly manufactured, taking into consideration current and future inhabitants of this planet. 

Ask yourself, was this item produced by a person with a reasonable quality of life? From what material is it made? Did it come from a renewable, sustainable source? Where will this item end up?   Ask yourself, isn’t there a more kind alternative? 

Life has much to celebrate, do so sustainably.



Not sure why to choose eco-friendly party supplies 

and say NO 

to plastic cups, straws, confetti 

and other single use plastics? 


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